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 Adsense Arbitrage Case Study

 I thought you would be interested in this report which is about a real case study where a guy with basic knowledge was able to make a significant amount of money in a very short time by applying the simple arbitrage technique of using low cost Google Adwords to send traffic to his high value Google Adsense site. The secret (there has to be one) lies in the keyword research and this report is a thinly disguised promotion for Brad Callen's Keyword Elite tool. Now I have to say that I do not have this tool simply because I already use Keyword Locator which is all you really need to replicate this arbitrage system and at $87 is much cheaper than the $167 for Keyword Elite - BUT, I hasten to add, the Brad Callen tool has many more features which are certainly worth a look at and if it is only half as good as SEO Elite (which I do have and highly recommend) then it will be well worth the money.


Enjoy your free copy of Brad Callen's 'Adsense Arbitrage Case Sudy' which is attached as a pdf file.


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