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Co-opLists - REVIEW     

Co-Oplists is an attempt to make a legitimate list building opportunity - not just one of those cheap, crappy deals where you buy a 100,000+ list for peanuts. They don't work and never will and can often cause problems with spam complaints etc.

Co-opLists are created from three main sources - high quality bought leads (where they sign up directly to offers from existing Co-op team lists, leads from Adwords and other advertising services the Co-op team uses to get people to their sign-up pages, and customer leads (from ebooks Co-op Lists has made and sells to gather leads).

When you sign up to Co-opLists you get to chose a category from Internet Marketing, Health and Shopping. Each category has several Groups with a maximum of 10 members in each group. You get to see who is in each group and get to choose which group you wish to join. Each group will have its own unique list which will grow by around 200+ subscribers per month. You will be promoting to a list of subscribers who have specifically opted in to receive information in your category.

The potential here is huge. However, you should not expect results overnight as this is not a get rich quick scheme. The idea here is solid - your list will grow on autopilot, and your network of related lists will grow as well. The longer you are a member, the larger your list will grow and the larger your network will become. As such, you should not expect to see amazing results from your first month as your list is just starting out. By the end of your first month you should have around 200 high quality subscribers to your list. You can't expect to make a fortune out of this but when you take into account your network (10 related lists in your category will have around 2,000 high quality subscribers after one month) you can start to see the potential.

Fast forward two or three months and you're starting to get a fairly substantial size list and after 6 months or so you're looking at a large list and a HUGE network of related lists. At that stage your list will rival some of the big boys out there but you will not stop there - your list will just keep on growing on autopilot.

I think the main value of Co-opLists is in the quality of the lists and that is achieved by NOT giving you direct access to your list. This may put some people off but think about it for a moment. Co-opList will submit your autoresponder message, broadcast etc on your behalf - this way they can ensure the list is not being spammed or fed a load of irrelevant crap. Each list will be focused and relevant to the 'theme' of your 10 member group and to the related groups as a whole. The rules here are strict and repeated attemts by members to abuse the system will result in there membership being cancelled. Don't be under any illusion here - you do not own the list and you must remain a member to continue to have access to it. Of course, it is up to you how you manage the response to your promotions but it would make sense to create a list of your own from that.

As each group of 10 members is created, Co-opList will comission a quality multi-page report/article relating to the theme of that group which will be used by them as a freebie to attract new subscribers. The report is also available to you as PLR for you to use as you wish. Over time more 'freebies' and information will be created to attract new leads (not just the one referred to on the sales page) and made available to members. The idea is to keep the lists fresh - not just to attract new subscribers but to get existing subsribers to stay on as well.

Again in the interests of creating solid high quality lists, members are restricted to one autoresponder OR one broadcast promotion per month. When you imagine 10 members hitting the list each month together with hits from related groups then any more than that could have a negative effect. Of course, I guess, since the Co-opList team will be doing all the work they need to keep things to manageable proportions. It is recommended that new members only opt for the autoresponder promotion method for the first month or so which is likely to me more effective than a 'one off' broadcast to a small list. In addition, you will be able to submit a monthly one or two line ad to the entire network of related lists.

There is a members forum which will provide the usual interactivity between members and the Co-opList team and regular information concerning list stats etc will be posted by the Co-opList team. Also each category and group are listed on the forum so you can see who is in your group and related groups and gives you the opportunity to communicate with them and create JV's etc etc.

You can choose to submit your promotions to the list/s via a special section of the forum where all members can see what you are doing or you can use a private facility from the website.

Finally, another pointer to quality is that Co-opList is using GetResponse, which alongside Aweber is probably the best autoresponder services which would cost you around $20 per month on its own. Of course you do not get access to the autoresponder account so if you are running other lists then you will need your own account. At the time of writing, the Co-opList team are looking at allowing members to export their existing lists but again in the interests of quality this needs careful consideration. GetResponse will only allow double opt-in lists.

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