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Niche Marketing ON CRACK! - eBook Review

The term niche marketing means different things to different people.

Generally it is known to mean the developing of websites in sub mainstream market segments to profit from selling products, generating advertising revenue or other forms of website monetisation.

Niche marketing is effective because it allows you to operate in markets that are less competitive meaning you have the potential as a new or seasoned marketer to capitalise on big opportunities with relative ease and far less cost.

Particularly for new marketers, niche marketing can be the key to riches because it allows you to compete on a level playing field. You don't have to jump into the ring with the heavy weights, you can develop your skills in the junior divisions before moving into the big leagues.

If you pick the right niche you can build your site, extablish yourself as an expert, sell your own products, recommend other people's products, the opportunities can be endless and good money can certainly be made.

The trouble is that as niche marketing grows in popularity, many of the markets we called niche markets are now not so nichey at all, they're almost as bad as mainstream markets in terms of their competitiveness and difficulty to profit from.

The markets that spring to mind are things like 'acne', 'dog training', or 'anxiety'. Markets like these, while they can still be profitable will not make the average web marketer a great deal of money. Even digging a level deeper with these niches, 'acne treatments', 'dog training videos' or 'anxiety relief' are becoming difficult to compete in.

Going to the extreme, you can dig really deep for tiny niches that get almost no search volume. You can find "long tail" keywords like 'pug training schools in atlanta' or 'acne treatments that work in 2 days'. The problem with these are, 1. they often don't get enough traffic and 2. they are so specific that even if you can drive traffic, there isn't much you can do to serve that traffic other than show them some ads. Again this can be profitable if you know how to do it but it seems like there just has to be an easier way...

The niche marketers that really make the most money are those that know how to find the perfect balance between competition and search volume. Not only that but they know how to analyse the nature of a niche market to determine how much potential it really has before they enter it.

By doing this they find markets that can make them money very quickly, faster than you would think possible.

Then when they do find markets they know how to make sites that will capitalise on them effectively and efficiently very quickly.

There is no doubt that niche marketing although often a tricky business, can be very profitable when done right.

In this gem of a eBook, Andrew Hansen takes you step by step (in a clear, concise writing style devoid of the usual fluff and BS) from finding the market and creating a website to (by applying some simple but clever techniques) attracting highly responsive free traffic with high levels of conversion. Unlike many 'how to' books on the market, you do not need to go out and buy any expensive tools to make it all work - you do not even need any site creation tools - everything you need is open resource and very easy to use. For example without giving too much away, the sites are created using Wordpress. In fact, there is an 8-page section within the book that teaches you how to set up a Wordpress blog that is worth the price of the entire book on its own.

If you are a complete newbie or even more experienced, then this eBook is highly recommended.

Richard Taylor

Niche Marketing ON CRACK!



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