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On this page we will provide a brief description/review and a link to all members own and affiliate products.

I suggest we only include products which we personally recommend to other members as good quality and therefore avoid filling out this page with affiliate junk. Please email me your proposals in the same format as below i.e. Headline/Review/Link. There will be no duplicates so inclusion is on a first come basis. At some stage as this grows I will create an index to make it easier to navigate.

This is just a sample of what I have to offer:-)


XSitePro - The fastest way to build a website

XSitePro is a website creation program that was built from the ground up with Internet marketers in mind. It allows you to use a very simple WYSIWYG interface to point-and-click your way to the kind of professional website design that would take days on other programs - in a fraction of the time.

This site has been built from scratch with XSitePro - no templates were needed. All it took was a couple of hours studying the comprehensive tutorial and the basic website design was ready in minutes.

Unlike the directory-building packages, XSitePro expects you to supply real content for your pages, and then walks you through a very effective search-engine optimization process to ensure that they perform as well as they can do.

XSitePro is, on the surface, similar to programs like FrontPage or Dreamweaver. It helps you build a web<>built-in pop-ups and a huge array of extras that I'm still coming to grips with.

One of the website design features that I particularly like is the way the program automatically creates a site map for you as you are going along - very useful from an SEO point of view.

Another is the clever way you can give the program a list of keywords and have it automatically create empty pages for you that are already built into your site's navigation.

XSitePro is a very well thought out program that is continually being improved by the developers, so a host of new features are promised and as an owner of the software you will automatically receive all upgrades at no extra cost.

And when your website design is completed, XSitePro even includes its own FTP module so posting it online will take next to no time.

Take a look here


Keyword Locator – The best tool on the market for keyword research

The basic idea is you give the program a keyword to look into and it come back with up to 100 phrases based on that keyword that people are actually typing into the search engines.

For each of the 100 phrases you are given the num
ber of searches, the number of websites that search would return, the ratio between those two numbers, and the number of advertisers bidding on that phrase in Overture, Google, Enhance and Findwhat.

Keyword Locator then goes on to produce a whole host of extra ta
bles that can be very useful.

  • You get the URLs of all the PPC advertisers.
  • You get the website titles of each of those advertisers.
  • You get an analysis of the keywords used on their pages.

These three features are incredi
bly useful when you are doing your research for building your own pages.

A great extra feature is the Bid Stats ta
ble. This one lets you see how much the PPC advertisers are actually bidding for those search phrases in Overture, Enhance and Findwhat. There is no point in building a niche site to get PPC revenues if the bids amounts are too small, and this feature lets you easily weed out the non-paying phrases. I know that you can find this information out elsewhere, but having it all created for you in Keyword Locator is a real timesaver.

Keyword Locator allows you to save your data as well. It allows you to save a search so you can come
back to it later - it lets you save directly in Excel format, and a whole lot more.

There are other
bells and whistles built in that I haven't had a chance to experiment with yet.

Take a look here


BloggingEqualizer – get your sites noticed quickly

This is a great tool which fully automates the process of setting up a blog and pinging your site which is agreat way to get the search engine spiders to you site quickly. Particularly usefull if you have multi page sites when you can blog and ping each page easily.


Take a look here




Spyware Secrets Exposed – your computer is at risk


And not just your computer, but all your data, all your work, all your personal details...  even your bank and credit card information.


You already have antispyware? You may think you already have protection in which case this book is definitely for you….read on.

The pro
blem is that official research (by AOL and others) now estimates that over 91% of all of our computers (yes - 91%!) are infected with some kind of spyware, malware or trojan.

In case you are wondering, spyware is uninvited software that sits on your computer and watches what you do. It may then report that information
back to thieves, or it may use it mischievously. Malware is the same kind of thing, but it is usually designed to mess with your computer – and can even erase all your files. Trojans are innocuous-looking pieces of code that get onto your computer and then open the door for people to log all your keystrokes (great if the want to find out your bank passwords) or even let people hijack
your machine for their own purposes.

Whatever you call them, they are
bad! And, 91% of us have them.

This is new and the most comprehensive e
book on the subject and after reading it and following the step by step instructions I was horrified to find that my computer was badly infected and I thought that I was already protected. Fortunately by applying all the techniques described in this book I was able to clear all the infection from my computer and put into place a new shield which is as safe as current technology will allow.

Just imagine waking up one day and finding years of files corrupted or even worse, that some parasite has had access to your
bank account!


This is an extract from the book:


Not all antispyware is created equal. Many are simply clones of the more popular ones such as Spybot S&D and Lavasoft’s Ad-Aware. In many cases, these antispyware vendors use “scare” tactics to induce unsuspecting folks to download and purchase the antispyware. For example:


“URGENT ALERT”: You have dangerous spyware virus infections on your computer. Click OK to install the latest update to fix these errors.”


These rogue antispyware vendors will offer to scan the consumers’ computer at no cost to determine whether they’re infected with spyware…


The end result always shows a warning that they have spyware infections – even when the computer is clean and does not have spyware!


At the time of writing, a grand total of 180 bogus/suspect antispyware software was listed on(the book gives you a link to a comprehensive list)


Tip: Be careful of the various affiliate websites that provide “un-bias” reviews of the various antispyware – many are designed to earn affiliate commissions (as high as 75%) from these bogus antispyware.


The book goes on to give you links to 3 of the best (and FREE) antispyware which you should have and adds that you should have all 3 installed as no single programme is able to detect ALL variants of spyware.


This is a small investment is you cannot afford to pass by.


Take a look here





SEO Elite- Essential tool for all webmasters


Many features include:


* Find and email high PR (page rank) link partners.

* Find where your site is indexed and how many pages are indexed.

* Find out where your site is ranked for given keyword/s.

* Analyse your top ranking competitors for keywords, links etc.

* Find and auto submit using link submission forms.


This tool comes with membership to a very active forum which covers every aspect of traffic generation and SEO.


Take a look here



Aweber- a very highly recommended auto-responder

Does not pretend to be anything other than a very good auto-responder at a very competitive price - used and recommended by top marketers.

Take a look here


Auto Income Secrets - create adsense sites which the search engines like

Just launched, this 140 page e-book covers every step in detail on how to ‘pick the low hanging fruit’ in terms of keyword research through to creating sites with specific keyword related pages which are unique and content rich and do not rely on the ‘scraper’ content used by Traffic Equalizer, Directory Generator etc.

It is clear from this book that ‘ads’ income will continue to be the easiest and quickest path to making residual income on line with the least amount of effort – but because Google appear to be ‘closing in’ on the conventional methods we need to be ‘smarter’ with the techniques we use and unlike other guides on creating ‘ads’ sites, this book covers the ‘smarter’ techniques step by step in considerable detail and with full explanation.

The author Neil Shearing (UK Marketer) even shows you how to give the sites an individual hand made look using XSitePro (see review at the top of this page – if you buy this book and then decide to go on to buy XSitePro then please do not use the link in the book – come back to the link on this site and keep it in the family J)

Take a look here


Web Audio Plus - cheap way to get audio on your site (recommended by Trevor Sadowski)


This is a really easy and cheap ($37) way to get into adding audio to your site.


I have used this for the introductory paragraph on my site, and it works very well.


It is really just an audio recorder that creates a Flash file and as a finishing touch allows you to choose the shape and colour of the play, pause and stop controls.


It outputs a file which you add to your site as a media object.  The buttons are re-sizeable so you have total control over appearance.


The only accessory you need is a microphone – actually I used the headphones I use for Skype!


For $37 I think it is a bargain!


Take a look here



Hosting – Are you looking at hosting for multiple domains?

I recommend the following hosting accounts if you are looking at hosting lots of domains.


For $24,95 per month Thirdsphere gives you a fully featured service including unlimited autoresponder and much more from a very user friendly control panel. You get unlimited sub domains and the capability to point a new domain (for a one off fee of $10) to a subdomain

Take a look here


Also for $24,95 per month you can b uy a reseller account from Hostgator which allows you to sell on around 50 hosting accounts which is the whole idea b ut what I am doing is simply creating the new accounts for myself so that I have a unique account for each of my new domains. Otherwise with Hostgator it will cost you $9,95 or something like that for each new domain - with the reseller account you are in total control in terms of the space and b and width you allocate to each new account which means you can pro b a b ly squeeze more than 50 accounts out of the overall allocation if your sites are relatively small which gives you hosting for each of your domains for less than 50 cents each - no b rainer! You could always sell some of them and end up getting your own hosting for free and make a profit! Take a look and you will see how it all works:-)

Take a look here

Video e-Book - 7 Ways to get Great Links to your Site

This comes with full resale rights and brandable website for a special offer price of only $17,95

Take a look here

Video e-Book - How to Create a Minisite in 30 Mins or less

This comes with full resale rights and brandable website for a special offer price of only $17,95

Take a look here

Video e-Book - 10 Easy Steps to a Google Friendly Page

This comes with full resale rights and brandable website for a special offer price of only $17,95

Take a look here

Video e-book - How to Secretly Spy on your Internet Competition

This comes with full resale rights and brandable website for a special offer price of only $17,95

Take a look here


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