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I want to make you aware of an ebook that is beginning to make waves called 'Affiliate Project X'. It's written by an Englishman who only started out in Internet Marketing around 1 year ago and after struggling for a while has now developed some powerful techniques for making a six figure income from affiliate marketing.

It is a fairly short book by today's standards - 50 pages - but it is really well written (apart from a few typos) and explains affiliate marketing in clear, plain language without the usual hype.

If you are already doing affiliate marketing, this book is a very useful read that will almost certainly help you to increase your income.

If you are one of the many people who are thinking that Internet marketing sounds like a good business to get into, but don't know where to start, then 'Affiliate Project X' will give you a great primer and will set you off on the right path from day one.

Although the book is primarily about 'affiliate' marketing, it is easy to see how many of the techniques he talks about can also be applied to 'Adsense' and other forms of making money from the internet.

Unfortunatly I missed the special 'first day' launch price but if you hurry you can still get it for the $97 I paid before it goes up to $197.

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