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Product Review by Bruce Bird

I have been increasingly impressed by the range of software that David Watson has been producing. Especially the way he is addressing the specific problems encountered by internet marketers.

I've just bought his latest product, Website Header Wizard and it took me all of about 2 mins to produce a high quality header for my new website so you can see the output for yourself. It's right here -  It's not perfect by any means but by golly it was quick and easy.

Website Header Wizard

The software comes with a package of 500 new, high quality header graphics that you can set to any of 5 different sizes. On to the graphic you can add any text in all the usual available fonts with shadow, different colours and in any location you choose.

That's great but what comes next is even better. The Image Grabber option can use any of your own images that you may have which are uniquely specific to your market, niche or product. From that image you can set a window to the available header sizes and move your window around the image to find a view that suits. Then grab that particular section of the image for your header. So from any one image there are innumerable different header backgrounds available.

Not got any relevant images of your own? Then use one of the royalty free image libraries such as ,  or  to search by your keywords for beautiful, high quality images to use either for free or for peanuts. I bought some credit points with and am buying images for very little money and the security of knowing that I am doing things right! 3 weeks ago I paid an Elancer $50 to create 2 images for me - and no matter how helpful they might be there are a limited number of alternatives an outsource worker can offer you. 

So you have three different way of sourcing images for your headers and they are all going to be hiqh quality and relevant. The best ones will obviously be those that you know are unique to your site.

There is an excellent video on the sales page where David demonstrates the product and how it works.  The quality of the video and audio can no longer be faulted as it was on his earlier products as he went the marketing learning curve.

This product is another solution arising from David's own problems as he got into internet marketing himself and searched for solutions. And as a programmer turned marketer we are seeing real, sensible solutions to the problems of the individual entrepreneur in the products that he offers.

I'm dead happy, I've bought it already and am using it within minutes. What do your graphic's look like? Or maybe you don't have any? Check out the link:



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